jumping cat

Welcome to my evolving portfolio -

This is a sampling of some of my projects - some for college and some just for fun. Visit "The List" and "My Portfolio" to see some of my work in: pencil, pen & ink, acrylic, oils, mixed media, digital art, and 3-Dimensional sculpture.

  The shed  broken fences  Miles twelve 

[© Kathy Kuczek]

Hamsters After Dark - A Rhyming Book -

This is my latest project. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. "Hamsters After Dark" was inspired by true events. We did indeed have six baby hamsters that seemed to spend more time out of their cage than in. For those of you considering getting your child a hamster - I recommend getting just one. (That pet shop employee really can't tell if they are sending you home with two boys)
"Trust me on this one"

hamster with feather

All artwork / illustrations are copyright © Kathy Kuczek and may not be used for any purpose without written consent.